Sentence Types

Igor Rybak

opening sentence: written while looking through a window

casual sentence: written while lying down

static sentence: written while sitting

moving sentence: written while sitting on the bus

run-on sentence: written as the bus crashes into a lamp post

compound sentence: written in jail

complex sentence: written in a shopping mall

dynamic sentence: makes the reader’s heart explode

fast sentence: makes the reader perspire

slow sentence: makes the writer perspire

loose sentence: about the neck of a turkey

long-winded sentence: written by a writer who has no telephone, does not leave her house, has no one to visit her

short-winded sentence: written by a heavy smoker who drinks whiskey, wears a fedora and writes detective novels

winded sentence: written on a stormy night beside an open window

winding sentence: written after drinking a triple espresso

middle-of-the-road sentence: about continuous or continual lines

translated sentence: spoken by a ventriloquist’s dummy

closing sentence

Igor Rybak is a silly man who writes serious stories.